Flaming Devils


A heart-warming feature length family film juxtaposing drama and comedy. Drafted 2015 and final draft completed September 2018. 

Photo: Simon Rae


Treatise on Morality


A one act play. Originally drafted as a short story and rewritten as a performance piece.  Published in the Brooklyn Review.




Currently in development. Feature length action comedy. A captivating narrative set across two continents.


Photo: Mehtab Farooq 




A satirical radio play set in Australia.  Draft completed 2017, currently in revision.

Photo: Lode Lagrainge 

Bus Stop_edited.jpg

Clowns Anonymous


TV pilot based on the short film produced in 2017. Takes up where the film left off. We follow our character's journeys to overcome their problems. Pilot episode drafted January 2018 and currently being polished.